Time for a new Yachting Profile Photo

New season, New profile photo.


So it's that time of year again. Time to look for that first job in the Yachting industry or to look for a new Super yacht for 2018.

Many of you often under estimate the value of having a professional Photograph on your C.V. choosing to add a selfie taken with your iphone or a snap taken by a friend in a port somewhere or an image taken years ago.

However these days working on a superyacht is no longer the well kept secret it used to be. Instead hundreds and hundreds of people arrive on the Cote d'Azur every year in search of that dream job they have read about in a magazine or seen on a reality TV show. The competition for these jobs nowadays is fierce and you need to do everything in your power to stay ahead of the rest in those first few weeks of arriving in the South of France. 

One of the best things you can do after typing up your amazing CV is to add a decent photo of yourself. It is THE first thing a captain, Chief Stewardess or agency are going to look at when sifting through the hundreds of C.V's which land on their desks each week. It may seem shallow but to be honest it's not about looks it's about portraying yourself as a serious candidate who takes the industry seriously. At the end of the day the yachting industry is all about Image and professionalism and to enter this industry you need to show that you are taking it seriously like you would any other professional career. 

Why would you spend hundreds pounds investing in the relevant training you need then saving up more money to come here and look for work but decide not to invest a bit more money on a good photograph. To be honest the yachting industry is very small and you won't get endless chances to impress a potential employer so making the best first impression will be integral in securing that first super yacht job.

Don't get me wrong, nobody is saying that a good picture is going to get you a job, that would be misleading. However it will definately help get you the interview and ensure you stay off the dreaded 'No' pile. Once you have secured an interview the rest is up to you.

If you are still un-convinced about the value of a good photo on your CV why not pop into a few of the crew agencies in Antibes. They will give you an honest and unbiased opinion on whether your photograph is holding you back or not.

If they say it is then take their advice on board and give me a call. Don't be one of the people going home in a couple of months with no money in the bank and no dream job.

Pass up that drink in the Hop Store and spend your money on a good photo. Even if you don't land that dream job at least you will know you did everything in your power to get one! 

I have literally photographed hundreds of newbies and senior Yacht crew up to Captains over the years and I know exactly what the agencies and employers are looking for. Many of the newbies I have photographed over the years have gone on to have amazing careers and been to places I could only dream of. I know for a fact that for at least 2 of those people they would have been on the plane home had they not decided to invest in a professional picture.

So don't waste any time and put 'getting a good CV picture' straight on the 'to do' list.

A 1/2 hour profile shoot costs 70.00 with 50% off for newbies. Quick turnaround and images sent to you re-sized ready to upload to the agency job sites.

Good Luck guys!!!

You can see some of my Profile photos and read a few testimonials on my FB page dedicated to crew profile photos here